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Hardware Services for Your Business

All businesses rely on some form of IT hardware, whether that is just a mobile phone or a complete complement of network and endpoint infrastructure.

In addition to our core services, Harbour offer end-to-end hardware solutions for your business, including procurement, setup, installation, maintenance, lifecycle management, reporting and secure disposal through are partner network.


We know that finding the right equipment can be a hassle, which is why we offer hardware procurement solutions through our trusted partners. Harbour provide a wide range of hardware options, including laptops, desktops, VOIP Phones, WiFi equipment and a complete suite of network infrastructure from brands such as Dell, Lenovo, Ubiquity and more.

We are official partners with a number of industry leaders including Dell & Microsoft, with our relationships allowing us to regularly offer next day delivery. 

Installation & Setup

Depending on the level of service required, we have different options to suit your needs.

For businesses who are happy to complete device setup and install themselves, we can offer a "supply only" solution where you look after provisioning the equipment.

We will always be available by phone or email for guidance as required, but typically this is a hands-off approach.

Alternatively, we can offer a full service from supply through to installation and setup on-site including full configuration. Our Managed Service clients typically opt for this service as it allows them to continue with their core day-to-day operations free from distractions.

Policy & Lifecycle Management

Full lifecycle management including a complete hardware policy can be provided if required. This gives you a clear plan, allowing peace of mind that hardware is always fit for purpose and supported by manufacturers.

Your hardware policy will give details of approved devices and delegation of authority for orders. 

In addition, this service also allows for robust financial controls, giving predictability of costs well in advance. We provide a live document of all assets under management with expected/planned replacement dates and include a full EOL disposal service for old hardware.

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